Camping at Paynes Ford

Come for a day, stay for a month. Hangdog is the perfect base for that extended climbing holiday. We have an international reputation as a fun, quirky and social campsite with a focus on the healthy outdoors lifestyle. The camp runs on a culture of honesty and mutual respect. We welcome anyone who will enable this culture- from climbing families with tiny ankle biters to seasoned alpine pro’s, to those who are brand new to the sport.

Bookings: Currently we are not taking bookings for camping spots, however we’re working on getting our online booking system up and running for next summer. For now you’re welcome to get in touch to let us know that you’re coming, but we will not be able to treat it as a booking or hold spaces for you. We do take bookings for the Bunkhouse, so if you are coming for Easter and would prefer some certainty then get in touch and we can book you into that.

Months of operation:

Similar to many folks worldwide, Coronavirus has thrown many spanners into our cogs. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee what months we will be open beyond our core December to February season. For enquiries outside of this time range please get in touch with us. Our sincere apologies for any difficulties this may cause.

Open: December – February, and also Easter … SEE ABOVE
Closed: All other times*… SEE ABOVE

*Facilities are still available to school groups during closed periods- please contact us for more info

Please note: From mid-December to mid-February and over Easter Hangdog is exclusively rock climbers only. You will be asked for proof of intent to climb.

The accommodation options at Hangdog are as follows. Click here for accommodation rates.


Happy tents in Hangdog’s green space.

(Including vans, car sleepers and tree-dwellers) The camping is a mix of open grass and tree-sheltered terrain.

Facilities: Cook shelter, toilets, clean potable drinking water, hot shower, fridges (limited space).

Cook Shelter – handy for colder nights/ card games on wet weather days, but it is small and doesn’t fit the whole camp, so come prepared with a tarp.

Other facilities include an awesome fire circle for cooking/ social entertainment, space for playing hacky, soccer, yoga etc, and there is a fantastic menagerie of push bikes that are free for use for trips to town.

Please note- Cooking facilities are NOT provided for campers. The cooking facilities in the Bunkhouse are for Bunkhouse patrons ONLY.


The Gay Caribiner- “luxury” accommodation

Capacity: 11 to 14 people depending on how cosy folks want to get. Fondly known as the Gay Carabiner, this dorm-style bunkhouse has more comforts than a self-titled drifter can shake a cat at. It is a popular choice for school groups, families, and the glampers (glamerous campers) of the climbing world.

Facilities – Backpacker-style communal accommodation, full bathroom facilities, gas hot water, a covered verandah, and a very out-of-tune piano.

  • Kitchen – Supplied cooking facilities, hot and cold water, a fridge/freezer and most basic facilities needed to cook, eat and clean up afterwards.
  • Sleeping – Dormitory style bunk rooms and a sleeping loft. There are no private rooms. Mattresses are provided, bring your own bedding.
  • Sanitation – Toilet, gas-heated hot water, shower, mirror… the works.


Camping: We are currently working on a booking system for camping sites (tents and vans). Stay tuned.

Bunkhouse: Reservations are available and are highly recommended- please email us to make a booking.

Not what you want?

Perhaps looking for something a little more comfortable or private- or perhaps you just forgot the tent? Well then, just up the road Bruce and Melanie Chic have crafted a superb wee space which is available for rent through AirBnB. It’s a lovely spot, still within walking distance from Hangdog and the crag, fully self contained and with some great local hosts.

Click here for details and bookings. Please note that Hangdog does NOT manage bookings for this space, you must go though AirBnB or contact Bruce and Melanie.