Camp Culture

Hangdog is a community unto itself, a place where people from around the country and the world have come year after year to connect and interact with other climbers and travellers and to participate in the genuinely honest and friendly atmosphere that abides here. Retaining this special camp culture is simply a function of respect: respect your neighbor, the facilities and the space about you and please consider how your actions will affect these things.

Please :

The camp fire circle gets daily use at Hangdog

  • Always always ALWAYS treat others as you’d like to be treated. This includes sound pollution.
  • Respect the camp’s honesty system- the world is a nicer place when cheating and swindling is removed.
  • When using facilities, always leave it how – or better than- you found it.
  • Respect others’ right to sleep. There are many great nearby party spots (swimming holes, beaches, pubs) so if you’re up for a late/ loud night, please use them.
  • If there is a problem, please tell management sooner rather than later.

Some Simple Rules


  • NO DOGS- We love the things but they make a real mess. This is non-negotiable.
  • MUSIC- Past dark/10pm there is to be NO electronic music in camp. Any base frequencies are really annoying to the neighbours- camp and local alike. Bust out the guitar, triangle or coconut and have a ho-down but please, keep it respectful.
  • SPEED LIMIT- This is to be kept to 5km per annum (really really friggin slow) as there are often children, other vehicles and vacant minded hippies around every corner.
  • ALCOHOL/ DRUGS- Basically do what you’re gonna do but keep it respectful. We do not condone the use of any drugs in Hangdog, and if substances start getting out of hand, steps will be taken. However, the camp is often the home of many a social evening and everyone is encouraged to have fun.

Failure to respect this simple culture will see you out the gate.