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Some of the frequently asked questions and information about staying at Hangdog Camp:


Reservations: Hangdog now operates under a booking system for both camping and the Bunkhouse. Some availability is made for walk-ins where possible, but precedence is given to pre-bookings. Check availability and book here.

Showers: There is a coin-operated hot shower in the campground- as this is a popular facility it is on a timer so as everybody can have a turn. The bunkhouse has its own shower- this is NOT available for camping patrons if the camping shower is in use.

Kitchen/ Cooking Facilities: There are no cooking facilities supplied for camping patrons. There is a shelter for wet-day cooking  with bins and fridges provided for food storage, but there are no stoves or cooking utensils. The bunkhouse has a full kitchen complete with all cooking and cleaning-up facilities- this is available for use by bunkhouse patrons ONLY.

Powered Sights: Hangdog Camp does not provide any powered sights. Campers have access to some power points in the office where they can charge phones, laptops etc. The bunkhouse is fully powered with many plug-in points.

The Office: We ask that all arrivals check into the office- especially if it is your first time staying with us. At the office, our onsite manager will sign you in, get you comfortable, let you know what’s up and hopefully answer any questions you might have.

Available in the office is a variety of products including:

  • Climbing gear for hire (see below) and sale.
  • Guide books for the local crags.
  • Ability to direct purchase/ order climbing gear.
  • Locally produced organic honey.
  • Info on the surrounding area and ideas for those who fancy a change of scenery.

Climbing gear: We have climbing gear available for hire and purchase. Purchasing is direct through outdoor equipment wholesalers and so prices are often lower than retail. Some stock is maintained at the camp, while delivery of ordered items is usually within 24 hours (can take longer in the busy xmas season).

We also hire out the basics: Shoes, harnesses, and quickdraw/ carabiner racks. But we do not hire out ropes because that would be cray cray. Shoes and harnesses are $5 each per day, or you can rent a full set for $40 per day. Contact us to find out more about pricing and availability.
A note on shoes: we only have a limited number of pairs of each size (usually 1 or 2) so there is some risk in relying on getting the best fit shoe every day. If you are here for a week or more it would be wiser just to purchase a pair.

Cars: There is on-site car parking at Hangdog, however it is severely limited and every season we are filling up more and more with backpacker vehicles. We ask that people think twice about bringing their vehicles to Hangdog, and please car pool when possible, especially for the kiwi’s travelling to Hangdog from around the country.

Rubbish: We supply free-for-use rubbish and recycling bins which are emptied regularly. Since we supply a free rubbish disposal operation we humbly ask people to us it and make sure that ALL rubbish goes into the bins ASAP. It’s that much better for everyone when the camp is kept clean and tidy.

To minimize waste, we have a very comprehensive on site recycling system – PLEASE USE IT.

Location: Trying to figure out how to find us? Click here.
We are located approximately 4km from the township of Takaka, where you’ll find the supermarket, library, internet hotspots, cafe’s and a few bars/ pubs, all with a very colourful collection of local characters. It’s an easy 20-30 minute walk to these amenities, and we have a wild selection of free-for-use camp bicycles for town commuting.

Immediate to the campground is the Paines Ford Scenic Reserve. Here you’ll find the climbing crags, some leg-stretch options and the Takaka River. Just across the road from camp is a track which leads to- in less than two minute’s walk- what has been called “the best damn swimming hole in the country” complete with rope swings, incredible over-water bouldering, cliff jumping options, and a great big shingle beach perfect for cultivating some melanoma. See the Other Activities page for more details about the local region.