Hangdog continues to advance with the times, and all accommodation options are now under a space-allotted booking system. Check out the rates below and click here to make a booking.


Rates for nightly stay at Hangdog are as follows. Read about the accommodation options here.

Bunkhouse rates:

Adults (16 yr +): $25.00 per night

Youths (10 – 16 yr): $20.00 per night

Kids (under 10 yr): $15.00 per night

Camping rates:

Adults (16 yr +): $20.00 per night

Youths (10 – 16 yr): $15.00 per night

Kids (5 – 9 yr): $5.00 per night

Student pricing is available- book as a youth but student ID will be required upon check in.

Hangdog Scumbag Club – we have decided to do away with the Scumbag Club to simplify our online booking system. Sorry for any inconvenience. If you don’t know what it was, don’t worry.. it’s gone!