Hello fellow Virus survivors. It’s been a tough and crazy year with the ‘Rona Virus throwing spanners left right and centre. It’s been a great summer with some great folks coming through, and a lot of people have pitched in to help keep the place running. However it’s now come time to wind things back and take a rest. Hence we declare that

Hangdog is now closed for the season, with the exception of Easter for which we will be open Friday (April 2nd) thru Tuesday (April 6th) inclusive.

Outside of this, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces again next summer. As always we will continue to be available for use by schools and community groups through the off-season, just get in touch and we can discuss the options 🙂

Bookings: Currently we are not taking bookings for camping spots. You’re welcome to get in touch to let us know that you’re coming, but we will not be able to treat it as a booking or hold spaces for you. We do take bookings for the Bunkhouse, so if you are coming for Easter and would prefer some certainty then get in touch and we can book you into that.

About Hangdog

Hangdog Camp is a family-owned campground which has been providing accommodation for rock climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts since the late ’90’s. Situated 10 minutes walk from New Zealand’s premier sport climbing crag at Paines Ford, we provide low cost minimal facility camping for those who enjoy living a little more basic. Read more



We have a reputation as a fun, quirky and social campsite with a focus on the healthy outdoors lifestyle.

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Welcome to Paynes Ford and the Golden Bay climbing xtravaganza. Here you will find enough hard rock to wear out a Husqvarna Jackhammer.

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Hangdog is located in the heart of what could be called one of the most scenic, alternative and eco friendly communities in the country.

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Whether it’s a rainy day or you’re just feeling a little worked, Golden Bay has much to offer if you’re looking to take a break from the rock.

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Featured Photo

Local rock guru Mark Brignole gets his summer on with a pair of red hot pants and some fun over-water bouldering at Pohara.