About Hangdog

Hangdog is a family owned business set up in the late ’90′s as a low cost minimal facility camping ground specifically designed for the outdoors enthusiast who doesn’t mind living cheap and easy. Predominantly catering for national and international rock climbers looking to access the renowned limestone crags at the nearby Paynes Ford Scenic Reserve, we also welcome (in our quieter months) anyone looking to take advantage of the numerous other outdoor pursuits that Golden Bay is packed with. Whether it be tramping, caving, kayaking, or mountain biking, with two internationally renowned national parks within an hour’s drive there’s plenty to choose from! Read more




We have an international reputation as a fun, relaxed and unique campsite with a focus on the healthy outdoors lifestyle.

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Welcome to Paynes Ford and the Golden Bay climbing xtravaganza. Here you will find enough hard rock to wear out a Husqvarna Jackhammer.

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Hangdog is located in the heart of what could be called one of the most scenic, alternative and eco friendly communities in the country.

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Other Activities

Whether it’s a rainy day or you’re just feeling a little worked, Golden Bay has much to offer if you’re looking to take a break from the rock.

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Featured Photo

Local rock guru Mark Brignole gets his summer on with a pair of red hot pants and some fun over-water bouldering at Pohara.