Other Climbing

There a few other less well known and less developed walls hidden around the area, and while they are most certainly worth checking out, they are a bit more off the beaten track and tougher to access.

Sandhill’s Creek, The Games Room, The Mussel Inn Wall and the Stardust Quarry are a few more crag names for you to keep your eyes/ ears open for while planning your trip here, and once at Hangdog the directions are a lot easier understood.


Unfortunately there’s a pretty severe lack of quality bouldering around in the Bay, and while you can usually make up a few personal problems, you must not pull out plants etc for the sake of a few moves. What bouldering there is around happens to be of the best variety: over water. The three swimming holes close to Hangdog and the beaches fronting the Sea Cliffs have some great problems to play around on, and when the going gets too tough, you’re off into clean cool water. No need for shoe’s, mats or spotters. The two classics at the main swimming hole near HD are “The Kool Aid Grand Traverse” and “The Acid Test”, either one will give ANY climber a great project for the summer.