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We love parcels

We are always super excited to receive fun mail and whopping parcels (who isn’t?), phone calls are always appreciated – especially those made in a foreign language, and emails are fine provided that they don’t use multi syllable words.

Unfortunately however, these lines of contact are not available for those who are camping. Anyone planning on staying at Hangdog should take these facts into account:

  • Any mail into Hangdog goes to the office and generally will only reach the recipient if they come asking. Please do not use our address for banks and government departments, as when you leave us your mail will just keep coming.
  • Our phone and email is not available for the use of the campers and any messages given over them have a 17% chance at best of reaching the¬†target.

In the event of a good/ bad emergency we will of course try very hard to help. Otherwise, campers should have a cell phone handy, regularly check their emails, or just savour the sweet freedom of being out of mum’s grasp for a while.

But if something comes up or you just really enjoyed your stay and want to send us a huge Christmas present, then the contact details are as follows:

Manager / Office Phone: 03-525-8531

Snail Mail:
Paynes Ford
RD1 Takaka
Golden Bay 7183
New Zealand

…and messages

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